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lend; borrow; check out; return; overdue; librarian; periodical; catalogue; index; stack
1482 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:47

devote to; run for; candidate; vote; conflict; election campaign; campaign manager; participant; the Students' Union; chairman; speech contest; enroll in; sign up for
2001 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:46

public school; private school; religious school; president; dean; professor; associate professor; lecturer; post doctorate; doctor; master; bachelor; freshman; teaching assistant; research assistant
2265 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:45

optional course; required course; literature; psychology; computer science; engineering; statistics; archeology; philosophy; cut a class; scholarship; assistantship; semester; credit; final exam; middle exam; makeup exam; test; oral test
2819 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:44

fare; licence; rush hours; traffic jam; one way street; over speed; police officer; ticket; fine; freeway; tunnel; subway; underground; high-speed rail; take a taxi; call a taxi; catch a train; catch a bus
2689 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:43

plane; craft; book; timetable; destination; one way ticket; round trip ticket; non-stop flight; direct flight; first cabin; business cabin; economy cabin; confirm the flight; check in; boarding card; security check; board; safety belt; take off; departure; land; arrival; see off; pick up; keep in touch
3641 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:43

recycled water; renewable energy; recyclable; sewage treatment; deforestation rate; water and soil erosion; temperature; humidity; muggy; breeze; climate trend; climate variation; climate warming; climate watch; climate-sensitive activity; climatic anomaly; conservation area; forecast; downpour; gust
3068 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:42

job vacancy; letter of application; resume; basic information; personal information; academic background; work experience; certificates and honors; post; position; vocation; title; interview; offer; job-hopping; work overtime; ask for a raise; promotion; annual income; weekly wage; salary; bonus; allowance; fire; resign; retire; laid-off; work; job; career; vacation; annual leave; sick leave; rest
4911 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:41

furnished; unfurnished; crack; maintenance; decoration; install; baby crib; washing machine; cupboard; refrigerator; fridge; sideboard; light bulb; sink; heater; multiple glazing; pipe; plumber; leak
2802 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:35

landlord; landlady; tenant; ventilation; accommodate; apartment; flat; dwell; residence; downtown; hallway; suburb; spare room; nieghbourhood; burglar; transportation; housewarming party; subway entrance
2687 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:35

waiter; waitress; order; menu; snack; dessert; appetizer; cheese; burger; pork; mutton; beef steak; raw; medium; done; roast; red wine; toast; loaf; staple; buffet; cutlery; regular dinner; cater; join sb. for dinner; treat; make a reservation; go Dutch; change
4185 Bytes #2019-12-12 05:26

fill teeth; prescription; dosage; take temperature; take one's blood pressure; injection; check-up; get vaccinated; physical inspection; surgery; epidemic; sore throat; bird flu; runny nose; stomachache; infectious illness; cavity; attack; toothache; symptom; allergy; sneeze; fracture; coughing fit; diabetes; have a temperature; dental decay
3994 Bytes #2019-12-11 07:49

kangaroo; fox; wolf; dog; cat; bear; duck; cock; owl; eagle; bunny; rabbit
16979 Bytes #2019-12-02 11:08

pizza; hamburger; bread; noodle; lollipop; tea; coffee; milk; juice; beer; water; rice
15840 Bytes #2019-12-02 10:58

banana; orange; apple; pineapple; strawberry; blueberry; lemon; watermelon; peach; grape; durian
14557 Bytes #2019-12-02 10:58

toy; ball; toy bricks; dolly; bubble; car; truck; plane
10083 Bytes #2019-12-02 10:39

elephant; eye; nose; ear; alligator; owl; pig; mouth; hippo; friend; 《Kids Brown Level 1: I AM TOM》 Dialogs
9234 Bytes #2019-11-22 02:13

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